Ferrari Owners Club

Membership in the Ferrari Owners Club

We hope you will choose to join the Ferrari Owners Club. Whether you are near or far, in America, or reside on another continent, getting to know others that share your interest in Ferraris makes the experiences all the more rewarding. Our national headquarters is located in the Los Angeles area. Our membership is growing rapidly nationwide. There are also regional clubs in San Diego, CA, Northern California; Pacific NorthWest, Midwest based in Lake Forest, IL; Northeast based in New York; Texas, in Houston and Austin; Florida; and Mid-Atlantic based in VA.

Included with your Ferrari Owners Club membership is the Pilota. The Pilota is the monthly FOC magazine and contains interesting articles, event recaps, photos, event signups, and classified ads.

For the thrifty minded, a five year membership is available at a 10% discount if the full five year fee is prepaid. A five-year National membership saves over $60.

For your convenience, we have two methods for submitting a new or renewal application; either Online or Hardcopy. With the Online method you immediately complete the application and submit it over the internet using the latest secure SSL technology. With the Hardcopy method you print out a hardcopy of the application using one of three file formats, manually complete the application and mail it to FOC. Please select from the following versions of the membership application:

Online Application

Secure and convenient. You can fill-out the membership form online, submit payment, and we'll get started on your membership right away.

Mail-In Applications

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most common and should open in most browsers. The HTML Format will open in all browsers, and the Rich Text Format (RTF) will be saved to your hard disk and is easily opened by a word processor.