Ferrari Owners Club

Founded in 1961



Click here to join the first official Ferrari club in North America. Yes, Enzo Ferrari himself authorized the Ferrari Owners Club back in 1961. You can use our secured PayPal processing to join the club online, or you can print the application and mail your membership application to our office.


Future events held in the several regions across the U.S. are shown here. Ferrari Owners Club members can signup for these events online.


Ferrari Owners Club members can purchase items (we call these items Regalia) that show your support for the club, and all things Ferrari.


The Ferrari Owners Club has several regions across the U.S. These regions allow members local to the region to attend events closer to home or when traveling. See the map in this section to find a region near you.


Events are held often in the several regions across the U.S., and highlights of those events can be found here.


The Ferrari Owners Club publishes a monthly magazine called Pilota, and is provided to all current members and to each Ferrari dealer in the U.S. You must be a member to download publications.


Online links to various Web sites related to Ferrari or the automotive industry are provided here. The Ferrari Owners Club does not specifically endorse any of these companies, and the operation of their links are their own responsibility.


If you wish to contact the national offices of the Ferrari Owners Club, our email and physical addresses are provided here.

Hans Tanner Trophy

The Hans Turner perpetual trophy is the highest award presented to a Ferrari Owners Club national board member. This award is given for dedicated service over the course of many years (or decades), and is only given when warranted. In the 60+ year history of the Ferrari Owners Club, the Hans Tanner Trophy has only been presented to 18 people.

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