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Aug 04, 2013

FOC Man Cave Event article, by Rich Adams, FOC Board Chairman
“I joined the Club because of the cars.   I remain a member because of the people.”

What started out to be a real nice man cave event actually turned out to be the recipe for a rather spectacular FOC day.  As it turns out, the Jim Kipp and Jim Ness man caves are way over the top collections of cars and all other types of collectibles.  Add in a big thanks to member Dale Tittlemier for connecting the Club up with Kipp and Ness as well as for providing the really nice Panera Bread box lunches.  Thanks go to my wife Jackie Adams for picking up the box lunches in San Clemente and hauling them two hours on crowded California freeways all the way over to the Lake Elsinore region.  Throw into the recipe a challenging drive in our Ferraris over the famous Ortega Highway, from San Juan Capistrano to Lake Elsinore, and you have all the ingredients for a spectacular day. 

We started out by gathering at Wendi’s Donuts just off the Ortega Highway in San Juan Capistrano around 8:30 am.  Some of the participants enjoyed coffee and donuts while others enjoyed the camaraderie of the other participants and their cars.  There were 18 cars, and 34 drivers and passengers.  So there were a whole lot of different Ferraris to check out in the Wendi’s parking lot. 

Michael Lowenstam and his wife Susan drove the oldest Ferrari, a beautiful 246 Dino.   John Adkins drove his burgundy Ferrari 456.  Dale Tittlemier and his wife Susan led the group of cars over the Ortega Highway in their Rosso Red F430 Spider.  Tolman Geffs and his wife Jill drove their Rosso Red (early single outside mirror) 512 Testarossa.  Jim and Joanne Hyldahl drove their beautiful silver blue F430 Scuderia.  There were a gaggle of 308s, 328s, 355s, 360s, F430s joined by a new 458 Spider.  And last but not least there was me and my very helpful neighbor Jerry Barbenell, in my relatively rare fly yellow 512 Testarossa. 

Before we left the Wendi’s Donuts parking lot at 9:00 am, we gathered for a group picture followed by a short driver’s meeting.  I had already sent out some technical driving instructions a few days before the event to the participants.  They include such important details as, “Take Hwy. 74 (Ortega Hwy) east for a whole bunch of wiggly miles into the city of Elsinore.  (If you got lost trying to stay on Hwy. 74 there is no hope for you and you had just better go back home.)” and, “If you have found it difficult following these instructions to remain on Hwy 74, there is a Walgreens Drug Store on the corner of Collier Ave and Central Ave.  They have Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, etc.” and, “If you were not able to follow both instructions to the second man cave because they were too difficult for you to follow, I will notice this, realize that you don’t deserve to be in the FOC, and will save you the embarrassment of others learning of your disability to follow simple directions by unceremoniously voiding your membership in the FOC.”  Thank goodness no memberships had to be voided.  Everyone managed to follow the two driving instructions.

We arrived at the first man cave owned by Jim Kipp about 10:00 am.  Jim is into everything.  He had hot rods, dragsters, fifties classics as well as a Ferrari 360 Modena.  He had planes hanging from the ceiling, surfboards and signs on the walls, miniature engines on table tops, as well as all other sorts of memorabilia standing on shelves and on the man cave’s floor.  More importantly, Jim and his wife Debra were wonderful, warm and informative hosts.  We all got a kick out of Jim firing up an old V-8 1/3 miniature gas engine just as we were leaving.  He and the engine received a big round of applause.

Next on the agenda was Jim Ness’ man cave.  We arrived at his man cave about 11:30 am.  Jim is into American classics and muscle cars.  The Corvettes, Cameros and MoPars will get your attention, but the 40s woodies, 1962 VW 23 window bus, 60 Corvette, 57 Chevy convertible, 56 Thunderbird, and rare 59 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible will too.  He has also recreated a 1940s gas station, the roof of which is called the Burnout Lounge and is designed for relaxation and gaming.  Jim was very cordial and enjoyed telling our members about his cars and the history behind his selections.

Around 12:15 pm Jackie arrived with the box lunches.  The box lunches were quickly consumed while the FOC members enjoyed each other’s conversation in the company of Jim Ness’ cars.  After viewing all the cars and memorabilia in the Ness man cave, members began getting on the road to home.  A few of us caravanned back over the Ortega Highway to San Juan Capistrano, arriving around 2:00 pm.  It was clear from all the thumbs up and high fives that everyone had enjoyed a very special day. 

Special heartfelt thanks from the Club members go out to Jim Kipp, Jim Ness, Dale Tittlemier and Jackie Adams for all of their efforts on our behalf.


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