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National Election Brunch

Jan 28, 2007

The 2007 National Election Brunch was a feast for the senses, visual and gastronomic.  Held on January 28th at the famous Sutra Lounge in Costa Mesa, CA, the food was nothing short of incredible.  One attendee said that the food was the best of any Election Brunch, ever.  High praise, seeing that the Ferrari Owners Club has been in existence 46 years!  Voted the #4 best restaurant in Southern California, why should we have expected anything less from Sutra and chef Stephane Beaucamp.  Even Amy, the lead bartender, was creating fresh fruit drinks that would win a throw-down against Bobby Flay or any other challenger.

Of course the cars, perched atop the parking structure overlooking Newport Beach, were a visual treat and guaranteed to get any Ferrari-lover’s heart beating a little faster.  While the weather was beautiful at the event, it was raining inland, and limited the Ferrari turnout to about a dozen cars.  This year, the artful Ferrari shapes thrilled guests inside the restaurant as well.  Thanks to Automotive Art Galleries http://www.automotiveartgalleries.com, Robert Scheurer, and artists Roger Hector and Paul Dove, we offered for auction two wonderful Ferrari artworks.

Ferrari 250 GTO by Roger Hector
The Ferrari 250 was the company's most successful early line of vehicles, produced for over a decade from 1953 to 1964 and spawning countless variants. The 250 was replaced by the 275. The most celebrated 250 is the 1962 250 GTO, a true super car that spawned countless imitators, and only 39 were manufacturedMuseum stapled on a hardwood frame, this piece measures 3’ 8” by 5’ 6”.

Red Passion by Paul Dove
1958 Targa Florio – Wolfgang Von Trips in the Ferrari Testa Rossa narrowly leading the Aston Martin of Stirling Moss as they hurtle around the winding roads of Sicily during the 1958 Targa Florio, cheered on by the passionate crowd.  Museum stapled measuring 3’ 10” by 5’ 1”.

Red Passion was won by FOC President Rich Adams and his wife Jackie.  There were many other auction items as well, and we want to thank Alan Woodard and Ferrari of Newport Beach for their generous donation of several auction items.

The 2006 board of directors was presented with awards for their contribution during the previous year.  President Rich Adams was awarded a plaque for his service during 2006.  He’ll be President for 2007 as well, as all nominated directors were elected as posted in the Pilota.  The “fun concours” awards were given to:

Cleanest Engine Bay, Gary Peterson, Red 1995 355

Lowest Mileage, Rick and Ann Drake, Silver 2003 360 Spyder  3800miles

Most Mileage, Shane and Dawn Braudo, Red 1990 Testarossa  51,995miles

Earliest Serial Number, Carolyn Ward, Maroon 1974 Dino Spyder #8262

Most Rock Chips, Rich and Jackie Adams, Yellow 1990 Testarossa

Least Likely to Make it Home, Paul and Sandy Evans, 1975 308GT4  bird pollution

Ladies Choice, Carolyn Ward , Maroon 1974 Dino Spyder

The Hans Tanner award was named after a long-time FOC member who started the Virginia City Hill Climb (originally an FOC event).  The award is not presented every year; in fact 2007 is only the 17th time the award has been given in the club’s 46 year history.  It is voted on only by other Hans Tanner award recipients, and awarded for years of service “going above and beyond”.  This special award was presented to John Cannizzo.

With the incredible food, drink, company, cars, and auction items, everyone left well satisfied; whatever their craving.  Thanks to everyone that attended, and a special thanks to all those that helped make this a truly memorable event.  There are many great events coming up, so join us.  Remember, WE DRIVE…


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