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Ferrari(s) Currently Owned:

Year                                                        Model                                                                     S/N                                        

Year                                                        Model                                                                     S/N                                        

How did you hear about the FOC?                                                                                                                                  

What other car clubs do you belong to?                                                                                                                        


Annual Dues (Circle selections)                      1 Year                    5 Years (10% Discount)

USA, Canada, Mexico                                         $150.00                 $675.00

All other countries                                               $200.00                 $900.00

(Must be drawn on a U.S. Bank)


Name on Badge:                                                                                                                                                                

(one badge free for each new member, NO BADGE FOR RENEWALS)

Additional Name Badge each           $15           Number requested            

Name on Additional Badge(s):                                                                                                                                        

Membership Dues                              $                             

Additional Name Badge(s)                $                             

Subtotal                                                 $                             


Total Remittance                                 $                             

Check:   Please make payable to the Ferrari Owners Club


MC/VISA Account                 -               -               -                               Expiration                                             


CSV Code                             Signature   ____________                                                                                                   


Please Submit Form and Remittance To:


Membership Chairman

Ferrari Owners Club

PO Box 1094

San Clemente, CA  92674

(714) 213-4775 (Office)


Thank you for your support of the Ferrari Owners Club